Pieces.  Scattered pieces.  Missing pieces.  Shattered, broken, tiny pieces.  Wisps of pieces, swirling pieces, haunting pieces.  I’m in pieces. I was whole when I fell asleep.  Years of brokenness had come before, but so had healing. Nightmares from my past would disappear with the dawn, and I would wake knowing exactly who I was in…Read more »

Love, Me

A letter to my little girl self…   Dear Little Stefanie, Your mom calls you T.H.E. Bean and Sunshine Girl.  Your sister calls you Scooter.  Your hair is white and usually an untamed mess; you don’t have time for things like hair.  There is a creek full of minnows in your back yard to be…Read more »


Used. Betrayed. Manipulated. Discarded. Sold. I am not alone. It started with one dollar.  A quick dance that took seconds was merely a sampling of what could be.  The dollar wasn’t the goal.  It was the hook…for him and for me.  If he decided I was worth more, we would move to a more private room…Read more »

Dear Stripper,

I REMEMBER YOU.  You weren’t who I expected you to be.  I had never been inside a strip club before I met  you.  You were beautiful, of course.  You were talented.  You would have to be to dance and work the pole, while making it all look graceful and effortless.  The costumes you wore were sexy,…Read more »


For a dance…for a song…for how long? NO LONGER NECESSARY.  These words were spoken over me recently.  It was said that, though my story and my knowledge had once paved a way for others, I was no longer necessary in a particular arena.  On the surface, this may be true.  Life goes on.  My presence…Read more »

Lost Child, Child Lost

THIS WAS THE FIGHT THAT ENDED EVERYTHING.  I was standing between the couch and the coffee table, and he was in the middle of the small family room.  Even our positioning demonstrated that he was the one who was powerful.  We were yelling, though I can’t remember now about what, and he was leaving.  Maybe…Read more »