I am a child of God.  I have always known this, yet there are times when I lose sight of who I am.  I forget whose I am.  I have often believed the lies of this world, and, in doing so, have walked down some very dark paths.  One of the most life-altering decisions I have ever made was when I walked into a strip club to inquire about a job as a dancer.  It took three years for me to lose everything.  It has been a long journey back to this place…to a time when I can look in the mirror again and not be ashamed of who I see.  This blog is a place for me to share what I have learned, what I am still learning, and the road back to living unashamed, whole, redeemed, and loved.

Along this road, I have discovered purpose.  I am grateful that everything I went through, all that I lost, isn’t for nothing.  In 2017, I began a non-profit organization called Grit Into Grace, Inc.  Grit Into Grace works with adult women who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation, sexual assault and violence, and sex trafficking.  Grit Into Grace works with women where they are at…current sex workers, active addicts, current victims of sex trafficking…everyone is welcome and they experience community, advocacy, and connection.  Most importantly, they will experience unconditional love with no agenda.  For more information on Grit Into Grace, Inc. and our daily place of refuge, the Dream House, please visit http://www.gritintograce.org.