Cross, My Heart

THE CROSS DID NOT BELONG IN THE DARK.  It was a thin silver chain I wore around my neck.  From it hung a cross made of glass squares cut to look like small diamonds.  Each piece of glass reflected the light of the sun around me, though my world had become very dark.  A gift…Read more »

A Face With No Name

HE NAMED ME CARMEN.  I didn’t know that the first piece of me I would lose inside the dark walls of the strip club would be my name.  I had already auditioned and been hired (that’s a blog for another day), and now I stood inside an office in my pink Abercrombie t-shirt wondering what…Read more »

Stripping Shame

“Shame corrodes the very part of us that believes we are capable of change.”   Brene’Brown SHAME IS A LIAR.  Shame can take many forms, but its intent is to destroy.  It can be the noose around your neck, robbing you of the precious breath of life  while pulling you down dark paths.  It can be…Read more »

Am I Enough?

I have been thinking a lot lately about what is true and what is a lie.  What I choose to believe affects every decision I make, whether consciously or otherwise.  A woman who is in her mid-forties (how can that possibly be???), I have bought into a lot of lies.  You don’t just quit a…Read more »